Sensational books to read with your children during "National Storytelling Week"

So, today marks the first day of "National Storytelling Week". This is your opportunity to help your children celebrate the wonder of reading. To escape to another world, to ride on a unicorn, to have tea with a tiger or to become a wizard. The possibilities are endless.

To give you some reading inspiration for this coming week, I have compiled a list of my families favourite books.

1. The Twits

I remember the first time I read The Twits when I was in primary school. I saved up my pocket money and bought it from the school book club. I remember thinking it was the most amazing story ever. So different to everything else I had ever read. This sparked my love of reading Roald Dahl stories. I couldn't wait until my children could read it too. And it is now one of their all time favs too.

2. Winnie The Pooh

When I was little I used to stay round my Nan's house every Friday night. She used to help me pick a book to read and I would stay up way too late reading in her bed. I remember when I started to read Winnie The Pooh that I didn't want to go to sleep. So I woke up really early the next day so I could carry on. I have always been a bookwork. From a very young age.

3. Harry potter

Where would a list of classic children's books be without including Harry Potter.

Not a classic from my childhood, but a definite firm favourite in the Searle household. My hubby couldn't wait until our kids where old enough to start to read the Harry Potter books (and watch the movies). And now they are obsessed!

4. The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe

Loved, loved, loved this book as a kid. Such a classic, loved by millions of children since it was first published in 1950. It actually took C.S. Lewis 10 years to write this book, and he destroyed the first version as his friends didn't like it.

5. Charlotte's Web

This was my little sisters favourite story when we were growing up. She absolutely loved it.

6. The house with chicken legs

This is my eldest daughters favourite book. She has always liked quirky, unusual books, and this one grabbed her attention when we were in our local book shop one day.

7. Tom Gates - Super good skills (almost)

Both of my kids love the Tom Gates books. We have every single one in our house. I have to admit that I enjoy them too. They always make me laugh when we read them together. And I adore the art work on the covers.

8. Don't let the pigeon drive the bus

Another absolute favourite in our house. When we first discovered this gem we fell in love with it straight away. My kids told all their friends that they had to read it too. And they also fell in love. If you haven't read it, it's a must. There are others in the series such as, "Don't let the pigeon stay up late", and "The pigeon finds a hot dog". So funny!

9. The worst witch

Before Harry Potter, my generation had "The worst witch". A great series that I read again, and again.

10. The hungry caterpillar

No explanation needed for this one. One word - Classic!

11. Alice's Adventures in wonderland

I was going to list our top 10 books but I just couldn't make this list without including this one. This book is the quintessential example of what your imagination can do. Such a unforgettable read.

Did any of your family favourites make the list? Or maybe you will find a new favourite from our list.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.”— Dr. Seuss

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