Add & Subtract Numbers to 20

Add & Subtract Numbers to 20


This item is designed to help children learn to add and subtract numbers from 0 to 20. Your child can pick any number from 0 to 20 then they can use the whiteboard pen to write a symbol such as plus, minus or divide in the second box. They can then pick a 2nd number and write the answer to the equation in the final box. The amount of sums they can practice is endless!

* All items are designed and handmade by myself.
* 21 removable pieces included.
* Printed on quality paper.
* Size A4
* Includes a small whiteboard pen with an eraser on the end.
* Laminated with 150 micron laminating pouches.
* I always use the font Sassoon infant, which is the same font used in primary schools.
* I use high quality hook and loop fasteners to stick each piece to the learning sheet.
* All sheets come hole punched with 2 holes in so you can keep them safe in a folder.

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