Personalised Children's Folder - Add Name & Photo

Personalised Children's Folder - Add Name & Photo


I design and make fun learning sheets for children aged 2+. This folder is designed to keep all your learning sheets in.

I have 5 beautiful, brightly coloured folders to choose from including Green, Blue, Pink, Red and Purple. Colours may vary.

* When you place your order please let me know the name you would like to be added.
* Please choose your folder colour from the list.


* If you would like to add your childs photo to the folder cover please email me quoting your order number and childs name to the following email address within 48 hours of placing your order.


If I don't receive a photo in this time frame I will send the folder with just your childs name on the front. Thanks

* The front cover is printed on high-quality paper, then laminated using 150 micron laminating pouches, then securely fixed to the front of the folder.

Folder colour
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