Phonics - Advanced Learning Resources Folder KS1 Angle 1

Phonics - Advanced Learning Resources Folder


The learning sheets included are

* 2 consonant blend sheets with removable pieces

* rhyming words 12 removable pieces

* Includes a small whiteboard pen with an eraser on the end

* 4 sound mats with vowel removable pieces

* 9 tracing letter sheets in uppercase and cursive fonts. Also practise own name

* year 1 spelling words

* All items are designed and handmade by myself.
* Printed on quality paper.
* Size A4
* Laminated with 150 micron laminating pouches.
* I always use the font Sassoon infant, which is the same font used in primary schools.

* I use high quality hook and loop fasteners to stick each piece to the learning sheet.

I have 5 beautiful, brightly coloured folders to choose from including Green, Blue, Pink, Red and Purple.


* Please choose your folder colour from the drop-down list.If you don't want to include a folder please click "No Folder" on the colour drop-down list.


* The front cover is printed on high-quality paper, then laminated using 150 micron laminating pouches, then securely fixed to the front of the folder.

Would you like to include a folder?
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